Sunday, December 19, 2010

I get up this morning and the cold is still out there somewhere.

I watch the Big Bang Theory and hope it is better than last weeks piss poor one. And it is.

Its a giggler all the way through! Roll on some more please...

Intrestingly Chuck Lorre also did Roseanne all those years back to. Which as my brother pointed out could be why some of the same actress/es are in it.

I get some snow of the MX5 and decide to turn it round as the battery is nearly flat. Only once I get it off the drive I can't actually get it back on! I do eventually but I have to do it quite gently, its a bloomin nghtmare.

Like next door I thought I was going to have to abandone it!

I warm the Skoda up and set off to Wolvo, surprised at how bad the roads acutally are and how quiet it is! Mind the car park is full in town.

And after a long shopping spree we gently glide it back home.

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