Saturday, December 11, 2010

I went out and brought a Christmas Tree. Probably the smallest one ever but hey at least its real! I'll decorate it later.

Instead of using the solar LED lights this year for the tree at the end of the drive I have put up a 'washihng line'. Then I went to Aldi Canoock to get some more golden lights. Only to find out that out of their whole range these were the only ones sold out. So can anyone tell me where there is another Aldi nearby. I needed lights with around 13meters of cable before the first bulb to make it to the end of the drive! I went for a cruise in the Eunos and ended up up at the next one I know of on the A41. There I meet someone who was thinking about the lights and was pondering about weather they were good or not. Luckily they had plenty in stock here of all types and we had a good natter before heading to the lovely frendliy check out girl, who served with Christmas cheer, while the youths outside where smashing glass bottles..

Back home the lights got put up and my hands got cold. But they glow so nicely so it was worth it.


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