Tuesday, December 07, 2010

On Sunday evening I went to Aldi and got some outdoor lights while I was there. I tried them out and they were better than expected. Mind they weren't cheap so why I thought they'd be perfetic I don't know. So Monday after work I got some more and started to put them up. I tried them out and was impressed enough to go and get some more on Tuesday night.

This also ment though that I need some more expansion / exentsion leads. Adli want £8.99 so bugger that. I went round to the ASDA next door. Could I find any in the electrical section? Oh yes but they wanted £9.99. This can't be right I thought. Well perhaps they have some more options near to the Christmas light aisle. And so they did. You could have one expasnion lead for £2 or 2 for £3. So I had two. I know I know this is real intresting stuff.

Anway no matter how cold it was outside I got out ther and put them up. Just look how bright they are. I had to alter a setting on them as I could feel the flickering hursting my brain inside. Anyway a treat for you. A couple of videos.

Nice and quaint.

Hell they're hurting my eyes brain and lighting up the whole street.

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