Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Optimate 4

Someone on the MX5 forum was not happy that someone took my advise and was going to go for a lead acid battery instead of the official gel battiers which seem to go flat in the cold weather and when you don't use the car for periods of time - say a week!. Anyway I got a proper charger a (an optimate 4) in case the Ctek 4 charger I have isn't doing the job of charging them up properly.

Mind as this one has instructions of more than one small bit of scrap paper it could well be the fact that I never disconnect the battery from the car and the chargers check for this apparently and if they detect they are then they don't do the full recover cycling - hence maybe why the two batteries I had went flat and then were crap for ever more. Anyway I still have the original Panasonic battery for my MX5 and the West Co one so with this new charger and the battery not on the cars we will see if this does revive them. The write up in the manual is very interesting but would bore the hell out of most of you..


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