Saturday, December 11, 2010

Staying in and holding back the Christams cheer until next week, I plump for the 3 month Playstation Plus packing. Was it worth it. Hell no. A few screen savers a couple of crap games and well one good one....

Cuboid. Oddly very very addictive. Challenging and different.

I've only had playstation plus a few hours and as far as I can see the only good thing to come out of it was an extenive download list that will pee off Virgin. Good god how could Sony actually bring themselves to allow on a free game called Draculka. PHafetic like my spelling.

On a more postive note the best game on the PS3 is out. Yep Pacman. This is good this is real good and its PSP compatable. You got to buy it. Its a must. Iys addictive. Its frantic, its, its Pacman relived in tunfun colourful glory. Thumbs up.

Then I heard it was snowing in Playsatation Home. So I went and had a look round. Thats more downloading, loads more but isn't it beautiful.

You could eat that sign right up.


  1. Our main plus from Plus was auto updates for all your games whilst you're asleep.

  2. How do you set that up?



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