Saturday, December 18, 2010

was followed by a Friday night out with my work colleges in Brum Land. And this was probably acutaly what I was seeing as I made my way back to New Street Station.

On the last train it was rammed. I sat with a girl who I got talking to. She was going to Shrewsbury and had come to see her friend all the way from Nambia. She had got a coach from London to Birmingham and was now on the train some 18 hours later than when she started out. With the white stuff falling I advised her that she may well end up staying a lot longer in Shrewbury than the 2 days she had planned staying as good old Blighty comes to a stand still. I got of the train to virgin white snow. Wolvo looked pretty for a change.

And as I was walking past I popped into

Jivan and had a boohnah. Oddly I must have been in a talkative mood as I talked to a couple from Leeds. Advising them they had come to the best eating establishment in Wolvo. That didn't actually seem to impress her. I did give them some advise which they didn't take on board ad that was in Wolvo you illegaly flag down a cab if you want to get home. They did wait for a cab for a while but eventually left taking my instructions. She did tell me that I must come to Leeds its just a great place to live. Well the perhaps I should have told the girl from Nambia


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