Sunday, January 02, 2011

After a great nights sleep we get up to breakfast which seemed to be well disorangised on the morning. Something which has been taken into account by the Accor group further to my comments on stay satisfaction survey. Hell I was surprised to even get a reply from them to say they even read the comment. Anyway we were all fuelled and ready to go so we got our bags and


I refuelled the car and we set off south east downthe autoroute.

We head towards the bare mountains thining where is the snow then?

As we pull up te mountain Auto Route there is some breif white patches here and there.

At midday we pull up for dinner. Which was bad timing really as so did a million other people.

in the smallest Autogrill you could ever wish to find.

And so the journey continues up the mountain to Cluse where we refuel and then onto Les Gets where there is snow at last. We get the directions out call the owners of the chalet that we are nearly there and

before you know it we are at the Eazy Riderz chalet.

The chalet is realy nice and situated just off from the walkway suspension bridge.

I sort some skis and sticks out for my mom at a shop right by the Plenny lift and they offer free storage which they are happy for my mom to leave here boots here too. From here we go tot the ESF and book a lesson for her and then its off for tea at our favourite restuarant.

Which is opposite the original Eazy Riderz appartment.

Coming to the Les Deux Alpes restuarant is always a treat not to be missed.

and one toi be slowly savoured while admiring the view across the village.

And while one should'nt have dessert.....

one did!

And slowly we walked back across town.

across the bridge

and back to the Easzy Rierz chalet were with one full belly I was ready for bed.


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