Friday, January 21, 2011

The Guy from AC Medic called to say he had time to change my air condensor and fix the air con. So I arranged to take it in. He was puzzeled at why I wanted it done in the winter so urgently. And although I told him it really helps demist the car n the winter he didn't queit understand.

I collected it later, with him telling me that it more of a sod of a job but its sorted and should now last me the life of the car - or the lifetime I see of it. And of course he now understood why I wanted the air con on. He went to fix it at around 11am and got in. To find a rather misty car inside. So the air con on my MX5 is working again.

Lets hope it does as that was £120 for the job and recharge and that Air condensor from Japan cost me £270.

It is working though.


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