Saturday, January 01, 2011

So we are off to Morzine. We all got up early and were in the car to set off on time for a change. Which meant for us that there was no rush to Dover for a change. It ment that a we could mornfor the fox that got splatter on the front grill of my dad's car while having a hearty breakfast near potters bar. And for once we arrived early at the ferry port, what a surprise that must have been for P&O. Anway here we are finaly leaving England and boarding the ferry.

The helpful P&O staff direct us to a position to put the car next to a lift for my mom. In fact on this day the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. It was so nice to be a P&O customer.

And so after our P&O cruise we leave the ferry and pass through the none existant security or customs, either on the English or French side!

And start the long and pleasurable journey across the Autoroutes of France. It should be noted that when you now get to Reiems they have finished the Reims go round south of the city bypass. It's not even obvous your at Riems or that you are being put on the bypass. But it does happen and then the good old sat nav which hasn't been updated thinks your driving rather quickly across many feilds!

By 6:30pm we have a stop for some dinner. A Jambon dinner that is.

We reach Dole earlier than last year and its nice to know that the new roof bars have made such a big difference. No not to speed but to wind noise.

Anyway we check in.

Have a beer and coffes and get ready for anice relaxing kipp.


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