Monday, January 03, 2011

We get up next morning. A surprise for my borther as I get up extra early too. I just could not wait to get to those slopes.

So over to the walkway suspension bridge just across the road from the Eazy Riderz chalet.

Which is good as I hate walking.

And so up the Super Morzine lift

It even looks like the sun is going to come out.

My borther puts his skis on and

I put my board on for its first run on real mountain snow.

And so up on the slopes we go.

Looks like the sun has come out to shine.

And I ponder how long my logo will stay stuck on?

At the top it is so quiet and beautiful. We run around the slopes here for awhile before heading over to Avoriaz.

The veiw is stunning with the sun out.

Avoriaz is busier. And we make our way from one side to the other to

Get to the highest lift

Stunning snow and we are off having fun.

The slopes are ours for the moment.

My brother wants to stop. Usualy me, but I'm not moaning. A nice cup of tea is what I need realy.

We watch the cable car go up and down a couple of times.

Before heading all the way down to go back up and to head back to the chalet.

About half an hour late we are nearly back at Morzine.

We get back to find my parents are still not ready. Now considering my moms ski lesons are £55 an hour you obviously do not want ot be late.

We eventually get up Le Planny and find my moms ski instructor.

And while she and my dad are being looked after safely, me and my brother

ski the 'block'

bathing in the sun.

When my mom and dad's lesson finishes we catch up with them.

and we keep sking for a while

Enjoying the perfect conditions on Le Plenny.

Eventually though the night falls and its time to head down the mountain exhuasted.

We stop for a beer and an omlette before heading back to the chalet, looking forward to tommorrows long long run with Luke.


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