Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well my dad said he wanted a blue ray player. I told him I don't think so, I know what you need. And after sifting through many broken playstations 3's on ebay, I finaly choose one and won it for £126.00 including delivery a game and a joypad, in a box. And so my dad is now a hap owner of a PS3. I don't actually think he's grasped using it yet or all the things it can do. And on another point how long it will work for - which is anyones guess. Due to my dads TV stand it cannot be put on its side, So I have put it in the horizontal panel and put some feet under it to lift it up and give it an air cushion to keep it cool. Saying this 90% or more of the PS3's on ebay now are broken. Which must go some way to say the actual design of the PS3 by Sony is crap and they are all going to die - eventually and prematuraly.


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