Friday, January 07, 2011

Well its stopped raining.

But is way too warm.

We head to the Super Morzine lift to head high.

At the top of the lift it doesn't look good but at least the snow has not been washed away.

But as we head up the lift things do not look so bad.

In fact they look good until

We get to the top. Then things arn't so good. Erm Large brown areas.

After a few runs down to warm up we head toward Avoriza

Where we head higher still

Right to the top infact.

Its been quiet a ride to get up here.

But that means its a hell of a ride back down!

And at the top it is crisp and white.

And some exciting runs to be done.

Somehow we end up at the bottom of Prodains once more.

We await the cable car and went it comes they sqeeze us in like pigs ina cattle truck.

We nip back to the chatel to collect my mom and dad. I also change my board for one of Lukes demostation boards the Atmoic Alibi 163

wide. Then its off to Le Plenny for the afternoon.

My dad and brother shoot off while I stay with my mom on the nursery slope.

Now the Alibi being so big, you would expect to handle like a bus. So this is the ultimate handling test, and surprisingly it is

extremly responsive. I like it. I like it alot.

The weather starts to change and the sky get s darker.

Looks like Mont Chery has got lots of brown patches too.

My mom does well as she is not following me and now making her own way dwon the slope.

And on occassions she even has has some speed.

Looking so good there.

But soon it is 5pm and time to leave the slopes.

At the bottom my mom says she would like to go out again tommorrow so we keep the skis on hire for another day and then head home.

Me and my brother go shopping and then stop off at the Le Sherpa bar - the one with the Star Wars toliet!

I get changed while

My brother cooks tea for us all.

And a lovely tea it is too.

I'm oddly very tired so I go to bed early.


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