Thursday, January 27, 2011


The first Christmas presents I brought were in fact Les's and my moms. I got them each a multi cooker from Ideal World. No it wasn't the only things I ordered at the same time, of which they all came a within a few weeks due to the bad weather we were having. But the multi cookers, erm nope they never came. I of course rang Ideal World customer services and rang them and rang them and they did send me in the end not one but two lots of paper work to fill out. I got the gist that they didn't believe I hadn't had them but even the online courier information still showed they had never left the couriers. Anyway the last time I rang them they said they had sent the replacements the day before. Which is odd that when you look at the paper work that came with them, they weren't issued to be sent until the next day. There is definitely no chance of me ordering anything again for Christmas from Ideal World if this is what they call good service. Well some 60 days after ordering them they actually arrived in a big box.. So I nipped Les's around and my mom got hers out.

They don't look it here nor did they on TV but they are in fact very very very large electric frying pans. Here is Les's in action. I told him if he put it on the coffee table in the front room he could cut down on the washing up too.

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