Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having told my brother that the wirless card in the Samsung P10 is in fact just a mini PCI card he said he would find one on ebay that I could replace the one in the laptop with to get 54mbps. Nost necessaryily a samsung one but the Atheros 802.11G+ might just work perhaps in the old p10.

And so it came in the psot one day.

Having not took a laptop apart before I can confirm that I wouldn't again other than to replace a hard drive which is a simple task. To get to the mini PCI wirless card is a hell of a trick let alone to get it out and unwire it from the arieal leads, get the new one in and put the areial leads back on and then put the keyboard ribbon cable in its socket. Eventually though it was done and put back togeather.

After much messing about to find a driver that would run the card it fired up and pizaz it was connected at some 108mbps. Task done.


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