Monday, February 28, 2011

Heat rises upwards in PS3's just like the sun in the sky

And so following the repair of the Sony STR 9830 surround sound system caused by 'gone off' soldered joints due to thermal cycling we now have the PS3 in bits. Here it is totally stripped down. Now I've seen the youtube videos and it all looks too easy to do, so weather I'll be a ble to fix this we'll just have to wait and see. If not then I've got some spares for my other PS3 when it eventually and inevitably breaks down.

This is the main mother board. And infact the way the PS3 is constructed it is the top of the board.

And this is the bottom of the mother board. See the two main chips with the thermal past on in the center. This is apparently where the problem usually resides due to thermal cycling of the soldered joints.

Now it occurs to me that Sony think they can out do mother nature here. And I'm sure they used all the latest simulation technology when coming up with the PS3's cooling system. However heat does like to rise that's how god intended it to be. So by mounting the mother board upside down and you positioning the PS3 in the horizontal position, surely all the chips pins at the top get very hot. ie heat rises. Having built a fair few PC I can say that up to now I've never seen one yet that has its CPU heat sink and fan mounted upside down. I have however seen many mounted on its side and if you look at my PC tower unit now, you will find it is on its side. So personally I'm a bit lost a wandering why do this orientation. I personally would never considering it when building a powerful PC. I can grasp the idea of the copper cooling tubes sucking the heat away from he chips and the large surface area the heat sink is trying to provide along with the fan. But at the end of the day heat wants to go up not down, so why isn't it on top? So I can see two choices if you have PS3. If you want to use you PS3 in the horizontal position then place it upside down. Or put it on its side with the fan exhaust facing upwards.

Enough ramabling and onto the repair.

Heat gun - check.

Thermal silver heat compound - check.

solder flux - er no so I'd better order it.

And so for the moment Project PS3 the cooler version has come to a halt and I'm off to ebay to see if I can find a justcool twin turbo fan drive.

I don't know who did the soldering on the circuit boards but they had might good hands to do all these joints;)


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