Monday, February 14, 2011

I can't believe how bad the traffic is becoming. Its a nightmare. Back to being stationary on the M54 before the M6!

You could say that I was lucky to have the Skoda in car entertainment system up and running again. But due to incorrect wiring it meant that the radio, sat nav and CD player are not working now!

And here we are stationary on the M6. You'll see the new traffic managment signs taking the piss by flashing 40!

At work I have my dinner and then go down to the car. Pull the wiring loom out I had done and swap over a couple wires.

Not only does the video now work as required, so does the sat nav , CD player, radio and reversing camera, just how it should.

I know there's not much real point ot having the video working its just one of those novelty things I've done.

And so thats that messed with.


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