Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The M6 roadwork and new managment system was ment to be up and running by Autum 2010 and as that day approached the signs dissapeared but the cones did not!. And here we are in February 2011. With the traffic being at near grid lock in the mornings for the last couple of months I am begining to disppear and think it is a government conspirancy to get more tax. Fuel goes up, so they get more tax. It now takes longer to get to work, so I use more fuel so I buy more, so they get more tax. Next they will put the duty up again, so I'm buying more fuel to get no further, less quickly and paying more tax for the benefit of the enviroment. Now I'm going astray here back to the cones. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the cones would be down today and the 4 lanes system working by June - Huh those cones are still here. And there are people back at work on the motorway - where have they been all this time? Has it been to cold for them to finish the job? The M6 you've got to love hating it.

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