Thursday, January 06, 2011

The morning after and its my day off. It's meant to be snowing heavily only its way to warm and in fact its raining, wet et wet stuff. Robert goes off up the slopes with my dad and I take my mom for a drink of coffee, at the worlds most expensive chocolate shop, we just have tea and coffee. We pass Bar Robinsons where I was last night and then I pop into Les Deux Alpes Restuarant to book a table for Saturday night. I get some stamps for the post cards at the Tabaco shop and then go souvenior shopping. Many mugs and a big salad bowl latter we are in the center square looking for the horses and carragies. There seems to only be one.

It is the same non English speaking French lady as last year. I can't make out if its E15 each or for the ride. Oh well here we go anyway.

Lukcily for my dad he turns up just before we board! My brother won't come he'd rather stand in the rain. I guess what, she takes us for the longest ride in the world ever, which made me worry somewhat!

It was howevwer just E15 for the ride not each, which seemed a bit cheap considering how long and far we went. It made my mom happy so it was worht every penney anyway.

We did some shopping and then went home and had some dinner and wine.

The honest bar was beinging used. But to look at it you'd have to think did the non choclate lover really eat two cholcate bars?

Me and my brother got some bread.

My dad was taking it easy

And I was enjoying the red wine rather than beer. This wine though was really nice.

I wonder if Tesco's have it?

And taking of taking it easy it would appear I'd walked my mom into a comma. Mom where are those stamps?

The rooms are nice and each one has its own small but nice bathroom. Which proves useful later on.

But its the nice girly touches that make it a joy to stay at Eazy Riderz.

Anyway I'm shattered too. I hope it stops raining soon.


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