Monday, January 31, 2011

My surround sound systems rear speaker stopped working and while Itried to resolder the amps for the rear speakers like I had done for the front ones some time ago, these are just too hard to get out. So it was time to visit ebay and find a replacement. The Sony STR-DB930 being so good that I didn't want ot upgrade I just wanted the same again. There a bit thin on the ground although there are some STR 940, STR 840 and STR 830's around. So this one I was keen to win. I put a high high bid in being out and about up at Al and Zoes. And I won it. So Monday night I was down Swindon to collect it. Got home only to find that Les had been in Swindon earlier that day. Doh. Anyway up and running and sounding great!


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