Sunday, January 09, 2011

Next day I get up eat a bannana and take a few immodium. And start praying. I driuve for the first few hours in the hope to keep my mind off things and to stop when needed. Besides we were draining in a rain storm.

We stop here, It feels like I know all the service down this bit of road now.

I let me dad drive now things have dried up. Besides I need some shut eye, well as much as I can get.

The French don't half like there wind-turbines.

Another stop coming up.

My dads car is a real nice drive even when fully laiden. When we get to Reims we cut through the city motorway and guess what. It must save around twenty minutes. However being that it is a Sunday the credit card was not excepted at the Caroufor fuel empourium and so we carried on to put some feul in on the autoroute.

We refulled here and then went in for some tea.

We have eaten here before and is one of the better stops.

However my brother is now looking quissey.

And hangs out in the toilets.

Theres a few things to eat eat here.

It all looks very apitizing,

Who's going to get Robert out of the toliets then?

We reach Calais in good time and after an inital bathroom use by meyslef I leave my brother in there. Yep he's definetly got the bug. I have a drink with my parents and then I go to bed and sleep oh so well.


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