Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The next morning was an early one again. As today was the day Luke guides us around his back garden. You'll also notice my board is now ACKU.

It a beautiful blue sky day once more but some fresh snow really wouldn't go a miss - luckily it is due tomorrow.

And so over the bridge on onto the petite train or bus in this case again.

And onto the wonderful slopes of Le Plenny.

And over the ridge to Les Gets.

It is so nice not to have read the map for a change.

The slopes are quiet

and enjoyable

and the snow over here isn't half bad.

Its a wonder winter wonderland just how it should be.

Luke zipping down the mountain

Closely followed by my brother, Amanda and Gary.

We reach the bottom of Les Gets and catch the Petite train to the Mont Chery side of town.

But first there is a pit stop for everyone. Me, though just sweat ed it out!

Always nice and quite on Mount Chery

And so we whisk up and down the mountain

Hoping that we are not going to attempt this slope.

And luckily we don't.

We just take a lift over the top of it

And at the top we enjoy the views.

Amanda feels she's on top of the world and just over there we can clearly see Mont Blanc.

We ski or snowboard the darkside of Mont Chery

And behind us we can see Morzine

And as per last year we take the closed piste down. Now I'm awaiting the tarmac.

But this year the slope is dire too.

Amanda is not happy about this. I tell her is not the brown and grassy patches that worry me just the ice. And by the way watch out for the tarmac.

And when we cross the roads I lean well back and reskim the base of the snow board. But hey I made it.

At the bottom we catch the petite train back.

We have to wait a long time at the Les Gets lifts. The bubble car that replace the old bubble car isn't working. So you can imagine the qeue. And we patently wait in qeue we thought was the general queue. And as we nearer the lifts a Ski Instructor asks if I'm having lesson in French to which I respond I only speak a little of French so I don't understand. She then makes it clear that I'm in the ski school qeue. But they are all passing on the right of us in their own qeue. But she was right. She said it doesn't matter for you then relises there is 5 of us. She's lets us get on anyway which must have saved us 20 minutes of queueing luckily.

And so up the mountain we go. And right to the top on the new Express lift which is open. All the others take the black down. I decide to go it alone on the red. Perhaps this should have been my first warning that I was tired, but I did not notice.

Near the bottom of the red I wait where the slopes join up for the other sto appear. Which means I get a rest.

I keep a watch out for them.

And here is Luke so I shoot off down.

We nip through the trees down a blue before catching a chair lift up to the top of Point Nyon. Now it take me for ever to get down his slope and when we reach the Laue part I'm completely knackered. I sit down many times and struggle. Unlike the rest I take the bridge and manage to get th ewhole way where we stop again. Sat down remember the last thing I did before leaving the chalet was to pick up a chocolate bar out of the fridge. I told the others to had down the green track run and I would meat them at the bottom. So glade for the ice blocked choclate bar I munched it down greedily. I thenpsyiced myself up for the narrow green track run which is usually croded with beginners and has zero slope. So for a boarder a nightmare. I did though and met the other at the bottom. Needless to say we went to Bar Robinson and then the Rhodes Bar for wonder day and night out. I don't remember the rest.

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