Monday, January 10, 2011

The next morning we get up and get in the car.

And off to the port it is.

It would appear they are trying to make up for the no existent security of last week by having the place swapped with securities. I'm asked to open the boot and then change there minds. Good move. I slam it shut a few times!

The ferry is in and we are asked to board.

The car is cared at the front of the boat behind a lorry with many chemical symbols on it. Oddly the driver removes them all before leaving the boat.

And we are a sail.

I decide to have a large breakfast, where by the server can't count and I have an enormous one instead.

Well it was really nice, but unfortunately I have to go to the toilet for a while.

I'm puzzled to the idea of bigger boats when these are so empty these days. Perhaps they are busier in the summer.

Its a lovely P&O cruise across the channel.

And soon we see the white cliffs of Dover.

Hell we are nearly back in Britain and then the holiday is over and its back to the wet cold, miserable place we live in.

And so its time to leave the boat until next time if they don't sell you for scrap metal.


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