Thursday, February 24, 2011

The next film came so quickly and it has to be better than that last movie. Yes the incredible Frozen directed by Adam Green.

Now you have to prepare yourself for the fact of instead of watching one person in a coffin for 2 hours you are going to be watching a film about 3 people stranded on a chair lift. Doesn't sound exciting unless obviously like me you like watching people die slowly from the comfort of a sofa.

Its a grasping story which apart from some holes in the story which aren't expalined - ah em why out of 3 of them have they NOT took a mobile phone with them????? Anyway past that it is an incredible film about emotion and the inevitable.

Well I thought it was going to be an incredibly exciting ending until the PS3 Froze.

The nice blue and green lights changed to red and that was that. Yep the one of 3 playstations I have has died. And you know which one it is? Its the one in the horizontal position! So I don't get tot see the end of the film and how the __$£ do you get the disc out now!


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