Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing to do? Bored of Fall Out 3 New Vags? Then waste some money on retro gaming. I downloaded Dragons Lair for the PS3. Guess what its as beautiful as the original arcade game but hey to play it just as dire as in the 80's! I gave it a rating of 1 but it's still rated highly in the playstation store.

Then I brought a package of Atari games. I was hoping they would be from a woody. But no they are arcade ports. So here's asteroids.

Then this one called something else but to you and me its fancy asteroids.

Then theres Tanks command - please ensure you change eth econtrols to actually make this playable. I kid you not, once you change the controls you will find you can actually move in the direction you want to!

Yes well colourful crap.

And a breakout thats next to impossible to play unless you slow the bat down. Then you cannot keep up with the ball. The list of games actually goes on - but I won't...


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