Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I found the following on the internet which ment I may be able to use my very old laptop without a dongle thing sticking out of the back to connect wirelessly. I so my Samsung P10 laptop won't connect to WPA wireless security with SEW-2001M adapter

The standard Samsung driver on the P10 laptop using Windows XP didn't have an option to specify a WPA password to connect to a wireless access point, it was WEP only. It would see the network name but when you connected it didn't even prompt for a password, just went off for a think and came back saying the connection had reset and it was refreshing the network name list.

If you looked in the advanced properties and manually tried to create a wireless profile it only had Open, Shared and WEP as security options.

I uncovered a Samsung driver that updated from the original 7.42 to 7.6 but that was still way back when in 2002 and still no WPA support. There didn't seem to be anything newer and the only support download Samsung offered was a picture editor (way to go Samsung!). I did spot a mention linking the SEW-2001M to an Agere chipset so I followed that line of thought and Googled this site

latest Agere driver for Samsung SEW-2001M

ignore the most recent v8.22 driver - doesn't work with the Samsung - but jump straight to downloading the 7.82 driver. That one works and includes WPA encryption support :-)

To install, extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP file and put them somewhere handy like the desktop or make a C:\DRIVERS directory. Then go into Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Expand the network adapters and right-click on the Samsung wireless adapter, choose Update driver and point it to the earlier desktop/directory where you extracted the files to.

And just like before it would see the internet but not work. But by forcing the laptop to use the imported driver things changed!

And so the internet connected and we were endowered with 11.0Mbps? Yep the wireless cards for these are 11Mbps! Good god after all that messing around I get 11Mbps. Surprisingly though it seems to be enough to cope with surfing so a new life has dawned.

Now there are a few other things wrong with this laptop and it should be condemed but I'm going to resurected it now the wirless is working. Next I borught 1Gb of memory from ebay for £34 quid. It came I stuck it in and hoped for some magic on the performance....

I booted the old baby up and qatched as it saw the memory but the best was yet to come..

Yep it booted up windows really quickly unlike before.

And with this memory on it runs programs really quickly too. Well not bad for an old machine.

So the other problems are a small and very full 20gb hard drive! So a new large one of thos is on its way. The battery tends to fall out slightly which isn't a great problem if it was not for the fact the power lead does not stay in position and thus the unit powers down. So a new batter could be done with.

Whios ch is a shame because the battery seems to hold a good charge for a few hours. The DVD ROM drive does not work and the fan on the left is noisy. So one has to question have I lost my marbles or is it giving me something to look for on ebay?


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