Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday we got up late, well for me but it wass nice to have a lie in. Zoe had gone out and Alan got up and got me some breakfast come lunch!

We went down the road shopping in the shops of all places and then stopped for a cup of tea in the tea shop not far from his house. I remember this becuase I've never ever meet anyone so happy as the girl who served us. Me and Alan sat down in the shop window on a sofa and awaited our coffee. Some time past without us noticing but she did eventually bring them over. I could have stayed in the Funkey Monkey Coffee Company shop all afternoon. But there were other plans.

We went to the pub instead, first in stockport.

Then we got a train

which we met Zoe and Matt on and headed onto Manchester.

Where we went to the latest bar in town Port Street Beer House. It smelt of paint. But he beer was good.

Well after the first pint of Germany lager I had anyway.

We played poker

Wich was hard as we didn't have enough match sticks and Zoe wanted them all!

And then we played Zombie

but by gum the beer was good.

Even the furniture was good.

see the smile - that was the paint.

Evenrtualy we moved on to East is East and meet everyone. A quick serve curry house. Believe me the waiters are quick.

Then we went to Mojo's

Where they had this poster up.

After that we went to 2 yes two Chineese Karokie bars.

The second had a less sticky floor and there was space to move in.

The singer were better too.

I'm not sure Alan was too keen on this place though.

You see what I mean.

Some revival tacktits by Zoe.

It worked only for a short time.

Then he said something about a small fish??

Then she blew him a kiss

Waved a spell onto him

And he was her hero.

and thats how its done Nack.

And at around 4am they wanted to close so we left - nice shoes Alan, are they stuck to the floor?


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