Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday and we get up early again shoot off.

up the Super Morzine lift.

We look over Le Plenny as we go up to see all the snow....

Once up the top we have a few runs on the quiet slopes before heading over to

Avoriaz and then going up and over

to the Chatel area.

Here we enjoyed some fresh good snow along with

Some incredibly bad icy stretches, out of the blue and queit scary.

We reach the top far side to head down to the Linga part of the village. A run that I love to do.

Now the plan was to go all the way down to Linga but infact I head to a closed slope and then the only way was back up.

Notably though the old rickerty lift had been replaced witha spinking new one which whisked you to the top. Well compared tot he old one anyway.

Time was moving on and so it was time to head back.

And so we headed upwards to reach the Chatel Avoriaz ridge.

Then I was able to have a rest And while I was having a rest two things happened. I watched a family skiing down the 'easier path' whihc had a 180 degree bend. And as they went round one of the kids went shooting off the side of the mountain tumbling way down. Must have hit an ice patch and caught them by suprise. Now luckily it was a kid, and I say that because they do bounce down the moutnains better than adults. And second the kid had a helmet on. A few mintues latter the dad had got his skis off and was down the moutnain side with the kid and all was okish.

The other reason for the rest was my brother wanted to make some yellow snow. Better than brown I guess.

Being a snowboarder I take the steeper tougher route down. Well its safer than going over the side of the moutnain!

A while later and we are heading back to Morzines SuperMorzine lift.

And in a an hour we will be over the Le Plenny area.

Over the bridge one way and collect my mom and dad. Then over the bridge the other way to take them to Le Plenny.

Once back over the bridge by the Super Morzine lift we await the Petite Train which....

Never actually comes. Instead a bus arrives. I so does a million people to get on it. Where they all came from I do not know.

And so up the Le Plenny lift to find my moms instructor Tiger.

She gets on well enough and so me and my brother disappear.

Another hour odd goes by oh so fast and we all get back togeather.

Tonight I have booked the Flamme. And so out for tea it is at one Morzine nicest restuarants. Here you have to book a table in advance.

As we crossed the bridge you could see the bottom slope at LE Plenny was lite up and people were on it.

Infact there were some ski's practising there synchronised skiing. At the other end of the bridge we were here - Le Flamme

Its a nice, very small place. And it reminds me of when I was last here with a very drunk Matt and Robert and a sober Maddie thinking what am I doing here with thewse three drunks. We had of course been to Bar Robinsons for a few hours prior to going out tfor dinner. But not this time. This time I tasted the food like I was ment to.

In fact I know it was good here because my dad chirped up that it was probably the best meal he had ever had.


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