Sunday, February 13, 2011

Went to the Rainbow for a drink with Greenie and Fatboy.

We had a few pints of this.

And that

There was a fair few people in at first but we outsayed them. And when I did go home I did something I havn't done for so many many years. In fact so many years I think Phil Price would have to have been around.

At around 12:30am I looked up 'Shimla Balti House' up on Google.

Got the magic number 01902 783 223. And called them. Someone answered so I asked if they would deliver to me. Yep sure thing 30 mintues.

And all this came. By gum I was full. God I used to love the days when Phil and me would wander back from the 4 Ashes nip in the phone box call Shimla and tell them to deliver in 30 mins and make it no quicker as there was no one in. I miss the huge christmas cards they used to send me too! Good god it was as nice as I always remembered it tasting from there! I wonder where Phil is now?


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