Saturday, March 05, 2011

Here we take a closer look at the PS3 60gb fan and heatsing arrangment. Its a clever idea.

The fan blows air over the heatsink fins and out fo the back and the side.

And while the side seems to have lots of vent space for it to exhuast from there isn't in reality - so in fact standing the PS3 vericaly could be a waste of time if it wasn't for the fact that you are helping the base of the unit disapate the heat. As you see here the air can flow out of the bottom section and only of a very small amount of the top section. Due to the way the fan unit is sandwhiched most of the top section is for the top mother board airspace and bluer ay player. There is no forced ventialtion for most of it and thus what I would have though is a lack of venting.

How the unit sits in the bottom of the case.

The fan and heatsink assembly on the side vent port.

Side vent more clearly.

The fan would appear to pull air into its eye from both the top and bottom thus the mother board and from the bottom the the case though some vent holes in the front, the side and.

vent holes below the harddrive to let air in.

So the thinking must have been to throw all the air out of the back of the unit.

Oddly when you look at the PS3 80gb unit Sony have changed something. Yep the case has changed. Not only so that you have only 2 USB slots but that the front air vents at the bottom have gone.

And also on the side of the unit too (at the bottom). So one can concluded that while there is nothing wrong with the original PS3 design it has been changed in its lifetime. It would now appear that with the air inlets missing along the bottom the fan is pulling 100% hot air through the motherboard and out of the exhuast at the rear (there is still a very small area for the top vent but it is small). So for PS3 80 owners there is little point standing the PS3 verticaly and relying on heat rising upwards as its designed to throw the heat out of the back. Perhaps the real answer to the PS3 60gb cooling problem is to tape up those vent holes! No I'm not going to try it.

I have yet to heat gun the board but the flux has now come!


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