Saturday, March 05, 2011

It was like Christma Eve all over again in the Rainbow

Saturday night we were in for a treat at the Rainbow. Paul Beason wanted a repeat of Christmas Eve in the pub and so got his brothers band in.

To play some class tunes. I even got Mr Andy Poade out of his house to support this community event and Greenie tuned up about 11:30pm!

The songs rocked, the place rocked, the atmosphere rocked.

The gig ended with two class tunes one from The Stone Roses and the other well I can't recall what it was called.

And for the FINAL oncure we had Chris do on his own Wonderwall.

Paul Beason reckoned we should do something big in the pub for St Georges day. So great made some plans, then I annoyed him by asking him when St Georges day actually was this year, After a menacing scawl he told me to remember 234, ie 23rd April. Then advising him I would actually be in Norfolk on the day and days around it. He scowled again. I tried to blame Matt Poade for the ludicrous dates he had booked and then allowed him to wittiness me texting Deadmanjones that I was no longer going to Norfolk anymore.

To console myself I noticed the notice board which

Insisted I have a curry on Tuesday. No chance though as I'm heading down south to poohaven on Wednesday morning.

You always know its been a great night out when you can't reach the urinals without stepping through the urine ridden floor. And with that thought in your head good night.


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