Tuesday, March 08, 2011

PS3 Resurection the Phoneix is reborn

So once you have done the motherboard reheat, had your did kick it while it was meant to be cooling down, then have your brother know one of the components off it along with some circuit board which concluded in 2 hours of soldering the micro component back into position the unit is ready to be switched on.

Shock and horror it actually boots up! I kid you not, however there are several problems, the wireless network nolonger works, the Joy pad only works when plugged in the usb adaptor, the blue ray player takes discs in but then does nothing with them and finally, if you put the case back together and switch it on the red light of death comes on. Without the case on it is OK but as soon as the case is on it is not. It wold appear to have something to do with the button board.

So I strip the unit down again and rebuild redoing all the ribbon connectors, taking the blueray player apart again and rebuilding and then retrying.

Of My God it all works and functions! This can't be true can it? Yep it is. The PS3 is working and pumping hot air out of the back.

And so time to think about cooling, my plan was to use this Just cool twin tubro fan.

Hopefully keeping the base nice and cool.

And lifting the PS3 off the floor.

Not compete pretty but it may help keep it working, or for now perhaps just using it in the vertical position. I wonder how long this unit will last now.

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