Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God yeah after reading the latest Retro Gamer I went on Ebay I brought an N64.

Having never owned an Nintedo before and being a Sega then Sony fan I was actually in for a surprise. These came out as such

NES Sega Master System equivalent

SNES Sega Megadrive equivalent

N64 Sony playstation eqivalent

Game Cube - PS2 eqivalent

Wii - A diferent route complety

I was suprised how good the games were actually. No CD slot still cartrdige base. The thing is though - that contoller? What the hell. Its just unuseable. I guess these games are good but the controller. Hell no. Or is it my hands are moulded to the Playstation controller dynamics. Got to get some more games ebay here I come....


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