Friday, April 08, 2011

My dad had replaced a couple of the halogen 240V 50 watt bulbs with some Phillips LED bulbs from B&Q at £18.99 each. Having search the Internet for some of the same but cheaper I came to the conclusion that B&Q were the cheapest for that bulb. Now there's a reason to choose that bulb in particular in that compared to the other LED bulbs the light was bright and airy. Unlike some of the others which weren't really that bright. So my dad went back to B&Q to get some more. Only to find the shelves had been emptied.

On ebay I stumbled on these and thought they may well be good to get.

You see the type of LED being utilised here is the SMD led ie the square yellow ones and they tend to be bright. At £8.00 each from a British supplier, I ordered 4 to see what they would be like.

At 3.2 watt multiplied by how ever many bulbs there are instead of 50watts per a bulb this should reduce the elecy bill somewhat and have no fear to leave them on.

So when they came what were they like?

A rated excitement I know.

Surprisingly they were bloomin awesome.

The pictures here do not do them justice! I mean it.

A brilliant what that fills the room with so much light you need your sunglasses on if you are facing the bulbs! I kid you not!


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