Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Maypole Cycle Carrier

So I went out to get a 3 Cycle Carrier and came home with this one by Maypole of Birmingham.

Universal - or universaly awkward to get in the right position

Once right

And tight

One needs to note the right hole to have it in.

I lift the Y-Frame bike on and think

Well at least it fits on. That I didn't expect!

Can't say I like it. What will it bve liek with 3 bike on it?

So its an option. Although for the main jouney I think I'll be taking the wheels off and putting it in the car or the boot (if it will fit - this anit no Vauxhall Cavalier)

It will be nice and tight to get 3 more on

Just got to make a new number plate up now


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