Sunday, April 10, 2011

Went to Dobbies

Sunday was a nice sunny day, so I went to Dobbies with my mom in the Green MX5 with its rood down. I obviously came out a while later with loads of stuff I didn't really need.

So I got loads of seeds, 120 litres of soil, 1 large (and expensive planter), 1 smaller veg patch planter 7 tomato plants. And the boot rack came in handy.

A few hours later and voila. My veggie patch in the front of the house.

so here are 4 of the tomato plants and the other 3 are in the upside down tomato grower in the back garden. Its got to be said that there are a lot of seeds in a packet and if they all start growing I'm in a lot of trouble. In fact I plant carrot, lettuce, parsnips, peas, beans, coriander, sweet chilli's, hot chilli's, cat grass, 3 types of sunflowers (about 60 seeds!) beetroot, onions, leeks, etc.......

And lets not forget about the Aldi Super chilli hanging basket indoors. Its so exciting.


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