Friday, April 15, 2011

PS1 retro heaven

DSC09924, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Well here we have a bundle of PS1 games I got off Ebay. I have been quickly shoving them in my PS3 to play them, thinking how shocking the graphics are. Then I remembered a magazine artical that said that playing PS1 games on the PS3 actually made the graphics worse. SO I powered up the PS1 and sure enough things were a bit better. Notably though some of them were far more playabe at the right speed. Well there are some right crap game sin this lot, but also some good ones and some classics. I might well go through my collection now and resell some of the more undelightful games and keep the ones I like and the ones I used to own. And so the games I liked here were; Rayman, V-Rally, Driver, Aliens, Destruction Derby 2, er tats it I think! Ok I might keep the Die hard Triolgy but its well dated shite. And oh I forgot what games were like without the anaolgue controls. Shikes......


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