Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Sunday we got up and it was sunny. Simon got us a hearty breakfast and I had the only piece of black pudding apparently.And so we made the most of the weather by

visiting Simon's alotment. Now he didn't seem to excited about this but me and Alan got stuck in and dug up one of his beds to get it ready for well using. Alan would like you to know he was proud of his achievement and

That he got a blister in doing all this hard work.


We admired some wildlife before heading back to Stockport which was a great relief after wearing my contact lenses for some 18 hours including sleeping in them. Ahh it was such a relief to get them out.

Me and Alan sat in the garden while the others played PS3. And then for some reason we decided to mend the gate and no existent fence. Again Alan was proud of the achievement.

Although it didn't look great from the back.

So we covered it up with some foliage.

Dadar..... Anyway its stayed up and thats what matters.

And so after this hectic day it was off home to sleep in ones own bed.


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