Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Great Wonders and Historic Grimins of Stockport

I was woken up on Sunday afternoon by Alan or Zoe. Which I can't remember but I do remember two things. One was good afternoon, yet I looked at the clock and thought its only 11:30am and two, there's bacon in the frying pan cooked if I got out of bed so I did. Once up we went into Stockport where,

we went to the Market Hall which was holding a Vintage clothing fair.

Whilst in there I managed to go around and speak to a lady who was promoting the museum and history of Stockport. In fact she wouldn't let me go. I specifically told her the only reason I hadn't been to any of them to date was because Alan Jones never took me to do anything cultural in Stockport! I went for a cup of tea outside and latter Alan joined me in his new suit and tie which he tells me he will only wear at the weekends. From here I look towards the Stockport Twin towers just peaking over the top of the building in front of us.

And so that afternoon Zoe, Alan and I got to Stockport Staircase House and learn quite a bit about Stockport and its Grim and not so grim history, about the mills the hats, the war and the near past. It made me ponder what the history of west Bromwich is? Best of all though

was Alan blending into the background of museum exhibits!


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