Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hell I just could not swallow any more

Saturday morning I head up Cannock. It would seem I have shunned Wolvo as a shopping destination. I get these colourful ties and

after a quick shopping spree around the pound shop we head over to the Barnes for dinner. Phew one full belly and its over to my brothers and then Asda to do the weekly shopping. I really prefer shopping at Tesco these days. Asda is so well crowded with tight Alie and a darkness that you don't get in the Tesco. Back at hoe I eat some chilli nuts and watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory.

And for tea we head up Wolvo. OK I do still go here. Jivans was full so we headed round the block to have a pint. That was if we could find a pub that was still open. We headed into the quiet Weatherspoons. As per usual I get the first round in and have a pint of Somerset cider that goes straight to my head. weee.

So when we head round to Jivan theres a table, we sit down, 3 pints and some popadoms are put down in front of us straight away, and I then peruse the menu. We order the usual apart from Beardy who actually orderes a curry! Absolutely delicious.

It would appear that we seem to be the only people who drink their fine Cobra here. Everyone else seems to bring there own booze? Can't see why. How ever the waitress did ask why we weren't;t drinking the usual quantity of beer? Hell I just could not swallow any more. And so with a full belly, a tissy tongue and a fuzzy head I head off to bed.

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