Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moving to REIS

That time of year comes when you have insure your car. This year I was looking at cutting costs from Footmanjames's £470 quote as I seem to only average just over 5500miles a year in it, and with fuel costs so high I'm using less all the time. And so I tired REIS which was I was shocked by the quote they gave me as it was far better and are thus changing to them. Yep for a agreed value of £4000 & no more than 7000miles I now pay £257 although I need to get breakdown cover elsewhere. And as part of the terms and conditions they want a recent photo of the motor, proof of club membership, copy of drivers licence and no claims proof. You devoted wolves fans should be pleased I have took my business there as it is actually insured by Chaucer.

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