Saturday, April 30, 2011

A night in a Belguim beer house

Well I did some shopping with my mom and then before I headed to Stockport I had some grub and some strawberry angle delight, yummuy yum yum. Then I got my top down and went for a ride up the motorway.

I parked up and headed tot he railway station.

From here I was going to Altrincham to meet Alan and Zoe.

While I was waiting at the station I decided to read the Virgin customer information board on photography.

And here we are. The reason to come. The Belgium beer festival. Unbelievably there are 3 Belgium pubs around the corner from each other.

And when we are done drinking in the pub, we head round Georges after stopping at the chippie for curry sauce, OK sauce and three bags of chips. Thats was to go with all the beers we were taking back from the pub! On came the PS3 and

Alan went to sleep. A few hours latter we all went to sleep - I believe.


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