Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Orgainsit at the Plaza Stockport

Went shopping in Cannock before heading over to the Barns for some dinner. Yummy and set me up before heading over to Stockport.

Now I can remember telling Alan that I'd always wanted to go and see the organ player at their local Plaza and so tonight was going to be the night.

We got our tickets for The Big Sleep and then headed into the 'lounge' to get a beer before heading to the upper circle.

And there in front of the stage was the organist playing away some of your favourite tunes.

And as promised the organist slipped through the floor before the curtains opened and we watch the film. Alan even got me an ice cream from the patron lady - well wicked. Although I didn't go with his idea of tipping some of the beer in the ice cream! Must be a Stockport thing?

After the Big Sleep Alan and Zoe took us for a walk in the rain the the MAgnet. A pub with jst guest ales, which as the barrels were emptied were replaced with a different guest Ale. Some pondered why I didn't leave the bar, but I obvousily did at some point to go to the toilet. I was also asked what I thought of the Big Sleep to which I I replied it made me very sleepy. IT would have been a long walk back but we stopped at the tasty fish where Matt dropped his 6 incher on the floor. Good knows why as mine was delisious. A few poker games and it was well past my bed time. Yep Really well past my bed time!


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