Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Woke up the morning of the Royal Wedding and thought , I'm going to watch it after all. I mean this is history we are living now.

So I sat excitedly with some of the family watching the box.

And thought If this is on BBC one then we could change the channel so that they can see the dress in more detail!

And then I pondered if it was being broadcast in Dolby Digital. And guess what.

It was, so with the surround sound on it sounded as if we were there

And before you new it they were married.

And then the happy couple drove around the block to wave at the crowds.

After that they disappeared in doors for a while having some photos taken I guess.

So I went to get my granddad and guess what, I missed the double kiss on the balcony!

And so the house party began, the BBQ lite

The beers brought out

The garden games played

Until it got dark

And there as no more BBQ food left

So we went inside for more beer and to watch an awful film which when it came out didn't seem so bad...

Yep I married an Axe Murder, erm how appropriate.


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