Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tesco Direct Experience.

With my original Sony W270 now dead, I looked around for the next model. And after seeing what was on offer decided that what I really wanted was the same as what I'd got. So the hunt for an out of date camera started, mainly on Ebay. And there was several refurb units to buy. So I went for one from Tesco outlet on ebay. Thought I would be safer than anyone else. And so the parcel came with 2 days.

And here it is. I powered the camera up and to my dismay who ever had refurbished it must have forgotten to test it afterwards! Hell the lens would not come out on start up properly and it would error. Well this is not the first experience of this I've had with a Sony DSC W270. Nope if you recall the first one I purchased from Amazon had the same problem! Any way I contacted them by Ebay. No quick reply and so at the end of dinner time the next day I called them. And how helpful they were. Another would be sent out today and on Friday they would send a courier to collect the faulty unit.

And as the Tesco representative said the new camera came the next day.

And it worked and on Friday they did collect the old one. So all I got to say is thankyou Tesco for making a disappointing intial online purchase a faultless situation after all.

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