Friday, May 20, 2011

Where there's a PS3 60gb theres trouble in store.

Here we have board ready for the heat gun treatment. Maplins didn't have any formula 5. So I got the most expensive stuff they had on the shelf.

The borad got really well fluxed and the heat gun came out. The temperature was hot enough I could smell the board melting! With the chips all cooled I got the thermal compound out. This stuff is teribbly guwy. I got it every where at first but to stick to the chips. Yep the board is pastered in the stuff. Luckily the packet says non conducting - of electricity that is not heat! I clean it up the best I can and stick it togeather.

The good old PS2 emotion engne chip.

Well it powered up, but the wirelss network and joypads would not work. But it worked so in with the USB drive to back the data up...

Well it reckons its going to take 4 hours 30 minutes to back the stuff up. And that won't be everything??? And will it stay on for 4 and half hours without dieing again. Well nothing to loose and I leave it on.

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