Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladyboys and Monkeys in Bangkok

I went and saw Hangover Part 2 at Cineworld. Now it must have been a while since I've been to Cineworld as there is no longer anyone at the sales desk to buy a ticket from. Nope another computer you have to press your grubby finger on, where a million others have and then catch another bug. If it was B&Q I would have dropped my goods on the floor and walked out. But hey with 2 miuntes to go I paid the £4.70 and got my ticket. Oldly my Fanta cost £3:20. No machine here just a frendliy geeky face to pur my drink into one of those flimsey beekers and as if for 30pence more I could have yet another litre of the stuff. Hell I want to watch some of the film not spend it in the boggs. I so I go to the auditurium to find tonight is the night that everyone wanted to come and watch this film. I foudna seat in just the right location, helf way up and by the isle so I could stretch my legs out and trip anyone going to that said toilet halfway through in the dark. So the film was good, funny and made me laugh. It's not great and its not ment to be. t's just ment to be a rerun of entertainment. And for those of you that were switched on would realise that something isn't quite right about the film. At the begining when they are in the hotel room in Bangkok and they are waking up, the electric ceiling fan is on. With that in mind you work out the story. I loved it and was glad I went - please don't make a 3rd rerun though.

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