Friday, June 17, 2011

The PS3 slim future is here.

Like I said the future is slim and here it is. While I got the PS3 60GB unit working I have retired it to an easier life and now my main PS3 unit is a slim. I got the cheapest one I could which was from ASDA at £199.99 and then put a 500Gb hard drive in from Scan. Hopefully as my main PS3 is on 16 hours a day this should cut the energy bill down a bit.

And once the bigger drive was in I connected the two units up using the Ethernet lead and did the transfer option. All went well until the end when something happened I was not expecting. I understood that the PS£ the data came off got its hard rive wiped. But nope I ended up with two identical twin PS3's. Even Love film thinks its the same PS3!?? Anyway thats good new really so I've left it like it. Notably this machine is awesomely quiet and doesn't heat the room up like the old machine.

And while we are on technology I got a new phone. A nokia X3-02 just like Greenies. Now normally I wouldn't look at anything other than a Sony phone but after the piss take with the update 3.61 causing my machine to YLOD I ignored them and went for a Nokia. So its not made a well as the old C902. And there no flash. Ah but there is wireless internet on it when in my house. Perhaps this isn't so bad.

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