Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sony PS3 Update 3.61 Killed my PS3 did yours die?

PS3 Update 3.61 Killed my PS3 - facebook link

While the above facebook page is trying its hardest to get Sony open their closed eyes, it maybe that Sony are trying to ride this out. By now the majority of PS3 users will have updated to 3.61 and those PS3's that are going to have been subsetable to any changes made by it and would have died quickly after due to it and the increase in heattransfer required after the update will have done so by now. So by Sony holding out, the numbers of of PS3's dying due to the update will naturaly decrease back to approximatly the regular number per a week as it was before. Hey presto what has changed for Sony's failure rate......

It might well have helped if watchdog hadn't used the LA Noire game as the problem and just said that the PS3's are dying after the update, that way there would have been far more publicity sooner.

Afterall the first thing I thought when my PS3 died was GVJL it YLOD, thats what Sony PS3's are famous for the YLOD.


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