Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Is NOT A Ticket

My This is NOT a ticket for the Glastonbury festival came today. So I may be getting excited about just how wet I might get soon, looking out of my window right now! It specificaly tells me to get on a certain coach in a certain place at a certain time. Only then may I get my ticket. I doesn't say how much you can take with you though. I dosing y expeses though.

Breakfast £5.00

Miday meal £10.

Evening meal £10

Snacking per day £10

10 pints of lager @ £4.50 a day £45

A cup of tea £2.50

An apple: £1

= £83.50 x 4 nights

lets call it £340 all togeather. Gee I could go snowboarding in frozen water for that?


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