Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beardy was sick

Later on Saturday it was off to Brewood for a drink int he Swan and then a meal in the Mess

As I said in The Mess. My meal as always was rather tasty. I think I was lucky not to be tempted into the chilli steak which came with no chilli and the well done and less well done ones were all mixed up, which was only noticed once people had started eating.

So now my belly was fully again and I was fully hydrated we went over to the newly opened Lion Hotel.

Very nice and very cosy. I got a tab so that we could served at the table - only really allowed if you've eaten in the restuarant apparently, but she could see I was probably best past trying to carry 8 drinks over.

As Les would like to put it, we could have stayed there all night if it wasn't for the fact that they called time at 11pm and the bed's are £80 per person.

So it was over to the never closing Swan, which was rammed I was glad to see. Now you may think that this is were the night ended, but it didn't, in the early hours my dad came to take us all home. He took Les back to Penkridge and on the way back at Gailey Beardy decided he needed to be sick. Out of the car he got and ultimatly was sick. Then he would get back in saying he would walk it and sobber up. Ironiclly if he had walked straight home from Brewood it would have been less a distance it was now for him. I waved goodbye wandering would he ever make it home or would it take him 3 months like the last time some dropped him off not at his house. Green was no doubt a bit late getting home himself ;)


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